This is a post on positivism. I need to write it now so it encourages me to think positive. I feel my Mongrel resilience has been at stake for the last few days and it might be tested in the next ten days. So I am making myself stay positive by writing about how positive I am. Trumpet, I know.

I went to a careers advice appointment yesterday. If I had to summarise it in one sentence, it’d be “you can essentially do anything you want, just figure out what you want to do”. In all honesty, I think it was a great job of the adviser not to seem too dumbfounded or surprised to see the incongruous ratio between my over-qualifications and my under-achievements. “Yes, I have a Masters’ Degree by this university and I make coffee for a living”. I went to the appointment because I am working on a preemptive strike. Next week I will find out whether I get proper funding for next year or not. So I am working with the “no”, so that when the news come, I don’t feel like I have been punched in the guts and want to go home, roll into a ball and cry my eyes out. I have done this twice before, I think I’m done with acting like a child about it. Instead, I am working on “what am I going to do with my life once I find out I do not get any funding?”, so as to have a plan B at the ready for when the news come in. You really have to be ready for anything in this life, and this is one of those times.

The need to stay positive comes because I got told that 60% of graduate jobs are not subject specific. So in a bit of a wander, I went onto job websites and looked for graduate jobs. They were all rather scary. In essence, I can be trained to be a sales executive with one of the many languages I speak. It scared me. I realised that I know what I don’t want to do: I don’t want a job selling stuff. I don’t have a corporative bone in me. I would be a terrible seller, and it’d make me miserable. So, in essence, the career appointment did have a positive influence on the way I see myself: I know what I don’t want to do. There is no need for me to visit a job website again and search for “graduate”, because 90% of what I will find will not be suitable. It reinforces my initial idea that working in the administration of a HEI is probably the right move for me because I love university and I love education and the principles that rule it.

I am staying positive because next week I will be given the key to the next few years and I will be able to act upon it. We might even be able to buy a new telly, and we can start looking for real jobs (or not). I am staying positive because it is always exciting to do something new, nevermind what it is. And I am staying positive because my best skill or acquired quality as a Mongrel is resilience – and whatever happens, I will stay afloat. Mantras are not my thing, but let’s see how this one works.


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