Grinding afternoon

I am not a morning person. By morning I mean anything that is not my normal wake up time, which is just before 8am. I can’t oversleep on a normal work day, and I hate having to get up earlier than normal. But sometimes, you know, there is no way around it.

This week has been hellish in those terms. Normally a balanced, happy person from 8am, I’ve had to get up at 7 every day this week to start work at 730. I know it’s not a drastic change, it’s not like it’s 5am in the morning. Some of the ladies at work remind me how early they get up. Well, I am not 50+ and I have more things to go than just serve coffee in life, to which it is essential that I get up at 8. Starting work at 730 means that I miss my best period of productivity, the rough two hours between 830 and 11, and I have to sub that off for doing those two hours after 3pm. We can agree that there is not enough chocolate or coffee in the world to reactivate my brain at that time that will work as well as my regular two hours. But, tough.

Fighting for inspiration is not the greatest of feelings. It’s not really recommended – when you hit the wall, you’ve got to get your Bottom off Chair Town and go do something with your life that is not staring at a computer screen. However, sometimes you do have some deadlines to meet, and there’s no way around it – your Bottom should stay there, and you should restrict yourself to look out of the window every five minutes. It’s almost spring in Glasgow, which means there is a chance for sunny spells and nice things to see out of the window other than the miserable cadence of rain. It’s no consolation, however, when you are stuck. Sometimes looking outside the window feels like checking Facebook – people go by talking about random things you don’t understand, but the general gist is that things don’t change that often.

Several things have kept me right on track and distracted enough, but not too much, so as to lure myself into doing some work. Writing this is one: “I will write a post about how dull this was when I’m finished”. Then, uploading the Nike Fuel onto my netbook, given that the app is not compatible with my phone anymore. I have been on Facebook for 10 minutes on my phone and I felt so crap after it that I actually wrote quite a lot. I have also been looking for fancy words to include in the article I am writing, and checked whether “contrastable” exists in English or not. It does not, in case you were wondering. I also tried a Pomodoro, but almost ignored it. All in all, my aim was to write 500 words and I wrote 1,059. It was good for an afternoon effort, almost optimal. Trying to fight off the need to go home and lay on the couch was hard. Researching should not be this strenuous, and that’s why I hate 730-3 shifts.

Job done, I am going home. We have a guest Syrian hamster with us, Tom, that needs some attention. I just hope he didn’t escape and eat Jordi and Iniesta, because he looks gigantic next to them. He won’t get a treat if he did.

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