Moving up in the world

Three great things to think that everything is looking up. Three very small things, I will give you that, but still.

I have a new desk. A window desk! I spoke to the Grad School and they let me swap since the desk has been unused for the last few months (but no one ever knew, since its former user had left plenty of territorial pledges). I now have a window seat, plenty of natural light in the morning, a more comprehensible space (my old desk was a bit crammed, I have to admit), and a bigger computer screen. This might seem stupid, but yesterday I went way over my word minimum (836 words, yay!) and I came back to the office to prepare the Hustings for the Elections tomorrow and a meeting with my supervisors. I am now sitting on it and I am fairly ready to write. Small things make me happy.

I am attending a conference next week. It is the first time ever (the first time I have been at a proper one, if one does not count the CRCEES conference in which I gave a sample of my work), and needless to say I am very excited. I have worked many conferences, so I pretty much know the drill: just be as socially awkward as possible, dress in crazy clothes that indicate I am a mad scientist/researcher, and answer “Yes” every time someone asks the question “Tea or coffee?”. Maybe not, but essentially that is what it is about. I even got a small grant to cover the costs of the actual event. As the real Mongrel PhD, I have taken a Mongrel PhD decision: I have booked a hostel for the night. A private room, not a giant dorm with people going to hen nights and stag dos. But still a hostel. Loving it already.

I am running for Postgraduate Convener at the Students’ Representative Council. Dare I say unopposed, but still. I have never really been involved in the SRC, but I now think I have the sufficient experience (one could argue I have the sufficient social experience) to go for it. A rather important responsibility, and the chance to make a difference in this university for the first time in seven years. Very interesting indeed. The elections are tomorrow, Thursday 24th. I am also very excited for this.

Three small details. A world of new opportunities.