Research who?

Originally published on Nov 12, 2012

Research, research, chop, chop…

Trivial as it may seem, I have plenty of things to say. But let me introduce myself. My name is Noemi Llamas and I am a PhD student at the University of Glasgow. I should perhaps underline that I am a first year… first two months to be more exact, PhD student. My research field is Hispanic Studies > Catalan Literature > 20th century > Mercè Rodoreda on the one side, then Slavonic Studies > Russian Literature > 20th century on the other. I am basically trying to find the influences that Russian literature had in Catalan literature and culture in the 1930s in the cultural and artistic circle of Barcelona, with especial emphasis on the figure of Rodoreda.

This space is an attempt to make my research more accessible, share my findings and promote my work and the ideas that come up in the scholarly field I belong to. You may want to say it’s a blog for literature nerds – well, yes, that is the whole point. My aim is also multilinguistic: you shall expect to find posts in Catalan and Spanish too. Since most of the literature I am reviewing at the moment is written mainly in those languages, I thought it would be natural to incorporate everything.

The main idea is to have something to get back to and attempt to write something everyday, which is one of the key points I want to push forward as a doctoral candidate.

Well, wish me luck!